More than 2 years, more than 100 recipes!

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A belated Happy Birthday, Steffen's Dinners!
I can't believe that I've been publishing recipes and photos for more than two years and that I missed the 2nd anniversary of Steffen's Dinners.

The site went live in late August 2007. I am not sure about what really was the first recipe and the content management system seems to have lost this information, too. Certainly, Grilled Feta Cheese, Seafood Pasta and Blackened Tuna Steaks with Asparagus on Vegetable Mashed Potatoes are among the contenders for the first recipe published.

More than two years later, the site has grown to more than 100 published recipes (exactly 109 as I am writing these lines). While I didn't manage to keep the pace of the early days, adding recipes and photos up to a few times a week, I still try to find the time for experimental cooking and try to capture and publish the recipes of dishes I like. But I also find myself going back to to the site more and more, looking up my own recipes and cooking them again.

Currently I am looking into a few new ideas for the website and if time allows I am considering improvements such as

  • Improving search capabilities
  • Updating the layout and design (it's getting a bit dated)
  • Adding a kitchen took and gadget section (What's useful, what's a waste of money and cabinet space).

... and of course adding many, many new recipes!

Guten Appetit! -- Steffen

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