News: Steffen's Dinners Updated

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Last week I got back from a vacation at my parents' house in Germany. Except for Gazpacho and a Paella I did not cook at all and just ate the wonderful food my Mom prepared. I'll write up the Gazpacho recipe soon.

During the last few days, I updated Steffen's Dinners to Drupal 6 and a new, cleaner design with slightly larger preview photos and wider sidebars to allow better readable font sizes. Everything should work fine, but please let me know if you find any problems or broken links. Just leave a comment here.

Now that all the technical work is done I should get back to cooking, taking photos and publishing the recipes.


printable recipes

I can't find a place where I can print your recipes - preferrably to a "printable" version.Can you please give me some guidance?thank youMarianne

Good point

Hi Marianne,

I've added printer-friendly and PDF versions to the site. Hope this helps.